supporting the visibility of your work

from Essence to online Presence

from Essence
is a blend of two parallel movements

1. Essence (guided Self-exploration)
Searching, naming and staying in touch with the essence of the work. This is a guided Self-awareness journey, through which we keep listening to the deeper / dream-like levels of the work.

2. Presence (website creation)
Creating an online presence (website), to make the work accessible to those who need it. The creative process follows the threads, patterns and metaphors from the Essence, translating them to clear communication.


1. Exploring the Essence

Together we sense the liveliness of the Essence of the work, and listen to the possibilities. Imagine the seed of a cherry tree dreaming of itself, in full healthy blossom, in a spring day 10 years forward. Or maybe it is an apple tree, or an Oak? What kind of birds will nest on it? Who will sit in its shade and what will they sing?

2. Naming Design Elements

We search for images, metaphors and symbols that are in alignment with the Essence of the work, keeping in mind that forms can constantly evolve. What does this tree look? How many branches are there, and what are the proportions of leaves to flowers? What shades of green and brown? What kind of curves?

3. Prototyping

We create a basic design and structure to present the work as a website. Throughout this process we will keep evolving the writings, explanations, images, sections and menus.
"I offer shade for those who need rest in summer... I offer walnuts, big and beautiful, which is good for your health... See how beautiful they look!"

4. Launching & Evolving

We will launch the website by putting it online and sharing it with meaningful audience. We will also learn how to work on the website, for constant evolution, changing words, images, adding new quotations etc. A tree keeps evolving and changing, season by season, doesn't it?

How does it work?

We will engage in weekly Skype sessions, over a period of 2-3 months (around 8 sessions). The first 2-3 calls are focused on sensing the Essence of the work and naming design elements. Then we will work on a prototype, and keep changing and reviewing. On the final call there will be a training on how to keep working on the website by yourself. In between Skype sessions you are asked to do some home work around content, and I will focus more on the technical side of the web development.

My name is Kamyar

I look forward to walk with you
in naming & presenting your work


a unique blend of experiences in domains of listening, creativity, design, coding, and CMS

Related experiences:

July 2001: Started design work with Dunes advertisement in Dubai, the Middle East's leading packaging development and design company.

July 2003: Co-founded Maqsad, a web design and development company in Dubai, leading the market with Content Management System solutions.

December 2008: Masters in Quality Management

February 2009: researching Deep Listening + offering leadership and creativity workshops, in collaboration with friends in Iran, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Oman.

Recent Work Samples

  • Soul Journeys with Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull

  • Art Of Hosting Athina

  • Hala Makarem

  • Sarah Whiteley

  • Maria Scordialos

  • Andrea Azize Guvenc

  • Benedicte Rousseau

  • Into The Dance Of Life

  • Soul Journeys with Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull
  • Art Of Hosting Athina
  • Hala Makarem
  • Sarah Whiteley
  • Maria Scordialos
  • Andrea Azize Guvenc
  • Benedicte Rousseau
  • Into The Dance Of Life
  • Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull

    Integrative & Transpersonal Psychotherapyist
    It has indeed been a soul journey to create this website, to feel into my offering and to allow myself to be visible in this way.. And I simply wouldn’t have been able to do it without my dear friend Kamyar! He is not only a wonderful and creative website designer, but also a true soul guide who held space for me very skilfully and patiently- I am so grateful for his deep inquiries and encouragements along the way, and recommend him whole heartedly.
  • Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull
I use a professional PageBuilder framework on top of a versatile CMS (content management system), such as Joomla or Wordpress. The development is backed by more than 10 years of experience with this professional software, and more than 16 years of exprience with many CMS systems.
  • The website is fully responsive and works perfectly on every device. The best image sizes are served automatically, even for high resolutions displays.
  • The software uses the latest technologies to reduce time to the first meaningful paint of your website and provide a great user experience.
  • The content, text blocks, images and videos can be updated with ease through the administration panel. You can even take control over design, if you wish, with the ability to change font styles, colors, layouts etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

I charge 35€ per hour for all the types of services included, from listening and coaching, to coding, design and training. Depending on the readiness of the person and the content, a simple website can be delivered with 20 hours of work. For deeper explorations, customizations and special features like multi-lingual, complex forms etc, it might need 40+ hours of work from my side. A general estimate can be between 1000-1500 €. I can offer a more precise estimate when scope of the work is clearer. If there are financial restrictions we might be able to work it out, by making the payment in multiple installments, or finding creative ways to spend less time on customizations.

Aside from this, you will need to cover the cost of:

  • website hosting, around 80€/year for a single website
  • professional template software 60€/year for a single website
  • domain name (for special domains such as .tr .uk etc)
Does it include identity design?

Well... yes and no. Our explorations of the Essence of your work can lead us to find clear symbols, color elements, fonts and other elements that can shape a clear corporate identity. If needed, I can also support with the design of logo, letter head, business card etc based on the same rate mentioned above. But this is not included in the main process.

How about search engine optimization and online marketing?

This process does not include a focused search engine optimization service. The software and the code I am using is search engine friendly. Through the process of making the website I can offer some basic consultation on the dynamics of search engine optimization, to see wether you need it or not, and how you can proceed with it by yourself.

It is the same story for online marketing. I can offer you some basic guidelines to do it by yourself. Putting links of social media, or newsletter subscription forms ARE included in this process.

What if I need support after the website is finished and launched?

I highly encourage you to learn to work on your website by yourself. A training will be offered at the end of the process, showing you how to modify, add, remove different section of the website. For some structural changes you will need technical support.

In case you need my support, I will offer it with a rate of 45€/hour.

What platforms do you use?

Based on the nature of the website I might use Wordpress or Joomla, or in rare cases another CMS. On top of the CMS platform I use a professional page builder framework.

  • +90 545 631 8020
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